Free cat game: Save a cat

In this free cat game, you have to save these little kittens.

These little kittens are lost in the forest and you have to help them get out!
For this, you steer the 'hero' cat who goes and gets the other cats one after another and takes them out!
When you meet a cat in danger, hit the space bar to make contact and ask them to follow you.
Be careful because you can only take one cat at a time and this free cat game is also timed.
Be quick and save all these cats. The task gets harder in each level because it won't just be one or two cats to save but a family of cats!

It's up to you to be their rescuer!

The Save a cat cat game has already been played 6,053 times since it was added to the Cats games section.
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  great game!   
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