Free cat game: Draw a cat

This free cat game offers you a multitude of accessories that let you make the cat of your dreams!

Indeed, this virtual cat game gives you the setting of a cat breeder with a little kitten. This setting is entirely changeable. In particular, you can change the appearance of the box on which your cat is sitting.
As for the cat's appearance, you can change the color of its head, its clothing, the color of its cheeks and even put on lipstick!!
You can change the cat's coat or add little socks. The goal is to make your virtual cat as pretty as possible!

For this, you will find a menu to the right of the cat in this free cat game which lets you select the accessories fitting for your cat's beauty!
Make your cat radiant!

The Draw a cat cat game has already been played 11,338 times since it was added to the Cats games section.
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