Free cat game: Cat catch mouse

Help this famous cat Tom to catch the little Jerry who is so good at hiding!

You have all already seen an episode of this never-ending running pursuit. Have you dreamt of helping Tom who makes a fool of himself each time?
This free cat game lets you intervene in this virtual lounge or kitchen right in the middle of this pursuit between cat and mouse!
This virtual cat game lets you become the strategist for the cat Tom in order to catch the mouse. You will have a certain number of weapons for use by your cat (available in 'device library').
The aim of the game is to drop the virtual cage on Jerry the mouse. To do this, you have to connect the different weapons and their impacts so that the pathway made by these impacts launched by the cat reaches the cheese!

Help your old hero, Tom, to finally catch a cat's worst enemy: the mouse!

The Cat catch mouse cat game has already been played 8,423 times since it was added to the Cats games section.
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