Free cat game: Cat vet

This cat game lets you become a young vet that's crazy about cats!
It's true, when she comes across a cat, she can't help giving in to its every request!
In this closed off world full of cats, this address is well known by many cats and they stop by often!
Watch out: each is more fickle than the other!

The cats make themselves at home on all the available seats!
It's up to you to make them feel comfortable and provide whatever these little fickle kittens want!
To make them happy, you have a cat ball and you can cuddle the cat, etc. Click on what you want to give the cat and then click on the cat you want to give it to!
Will you be able to satisfy them... all of them?

The Cat vet cat game has already been played 1,979 times since it was added to the Cats games section.
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