Mini Games

Do you love cats and love to have fun?

To change a bit from the cats you take care of on Shinycatz, there are 90 free mini Flash games about cats available. They are free to play and there is no time limit. Enough to pass the time for hours!

Feel free to share your scores, exchange tips and discuss on the Discuss on the mini games forum!
Mini Games
cat adventures
Games cat adventures
How many rewards will you win?
Capricious kitten
Games Capricious kitten
Will you satisfy all these kittens?
Capricious cat
Games Capricious cat
Will you be able to satisfy these very fickle cats?
Breed a cat
Games Breed a cat
Will you be able to keep your cats in tip top shape?
Cat vet
Games Cat vet
Will you be able to satisfy all these cats?
Capricious cats
Games Capricious cats
Will you make a good cat chef?
Felines game
Games Felines game
Will you be able to save this poor cat?
Felines games
Games Felines games
Will you satisfy all these little cats?
Feline game
Games Feline game
Will you win this cat show?
Cats adventures
Games Cats adventures
Will you take your cat to the finish line?
Cats adventure
Games Cats adventure
Will you be the first to catch all the mice?
Cat groomer
Games Cat groomer
Become a cat groomer!

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