Open the Advent calendar every day, and receive gifts!

Open the Advent calendar every day, and receive gifts!

After the success of the Advent calendars we offered in 2014 and 2015, we decided to repeat the operation this year, and we have set the bar even higher when it comes to the gifts you receive.

So, starting today, you can give your cats two kinds of Advent calendar, which will give you one gift every day up to December 25: a Standard Advent Calendar or a Deluxe Advent Calendar.

For every cat to which you give an Advent calendar, you will have access to an exclusive new daily action called “Open the Calendar” which allows you to receive one surprise every day!

Among these surprises are:
- shinyz' ;
- premz' ;
- crystals ;
- more than 30 items from the shop ;
- bonuses: 7th sense (exclusively in the Deluxe Advent calendar), mamie Shiva's Penduleum, landscape of Venus, drop of Shinysun, eternal Emerald (exclusively in the Deluxe Advent calendar), sap of Mount Olympus, fantasy Coats, ring of Isis (exclusively in the Deluxe Advent calendar)...
All of these bonuses can be used with the cat with which you won them or with any of your other cats.

The Standard Advent Calendar and the Deluxe Advent Calendar can be purchased at any time between now and December 25 in exchange for 1 premz' et 3 premz' respectively.

However, the sooner you start, the more gifts you will receive

We hope that many of you will take advantage of this. 

Deluxe Advent Calendar
Offer a deluxe Advent Calendar bonus to one of your cats

Advent Calendar
Offer a advent Calendar bonus to one of your cats

Get premz'

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