April is the month of Germany on Shinycatz!

April is the month of Germany on Shinycatz!

Hello to our budding geographer friends!

After Italy in May 2014 and France in July 2014, a third European country is being celebrated during the month of September on all the games by Dreamzer Games. And it’s not just any country; it happens to be Germany. 

While the language of Goethe and Wagner is hard to learn, it is really worth making the effort. All the more so because not only is Germany illustrious for its heritage and its culture, it is also the most densely populated country in Europe. Its strength also comes from the fact that it occupies a highly strategic position at the crossroads between Western, Eastern and Northern Europe. 

Therefore, throughout the month of November, we are inviting you and your cats on a terrific journey across the Rhine and the Oder, from the Baltic Sea to the Alps! 

Firstly, with a new background that allows you to set your cats in front of one of the most emblematic sites in the country: the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
As always, you can feature it on your cats' pages using the landscape of Venus, on those of your breedings using the landscape of Apollo or create some great scenes with one or more of your cats on your breeder page using the landscape of Athena!

And to ensure you get the most out of this new decor, what could be better than a series of new objects that are typical of this country?
In fact, there are around a dozen items in Germany’s colors (flag and pennant, cap, hat...), and we are happy to announce that starting from now you can find the total German look for your cats in the Shinycatz shop: sausages and pretzels, all kinds of gingerbreads, more beers than you can count (as well as souvenirs of the legendary Oktoberfest!), sports cars, and even... A Tyrolean hat

To familiarize yourself with these new items, we have hidden some of them at the bottom of the Shinycatz pages. Whenever you see one, click on it and you will walk away with some cool gifts!

Finally, you should know that several animals from Germany will be appearing on the different games by
Dreamzer Games
before the end of the month. Be on the lookout! 

Happy playing, everyone, and have a great month of Germany on Shinycatz and on all the games by Dreamzer Games!  

Landscape of Venus
Offer the Berlin background to a cat

Landscape of Athena
Display the Berlin background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display the Berlin background on one of your breedings

See all the items in the shop

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