Welcome to paradise: Polynesia is being celebrated in August!

Welcome to paradise: Polynesia is being celebrated in August!

Hello everyone,

With that, we can already hear the complaints… What? How? Polynesia’s not a country! Okay, okay, but at Dreamzer Games, we like to let you choose your paradise. So yes, in August, when most of us would love to be lying on a paradisiac beach in the tropics, we have simply chosen the most magnificent of destinations. 

Did you know that the name Polynesia comes from Greek and means“many islands”?
In other words, you have a considerable portion of the Pacific Ocean in which to place your landscape: a sunset on a paradisiac atoll. Yes, this is what awaits your cats if you decide to treat them to the new exclusive background that we are offering to coincide with the month of Polynesia using the landscape of Venus. Romantic, don’t you think?

A turquoise blue sea, golden sandy beaches stretching for miles and some palm trees for a little welcome shade…:if you prefer, you can opt for the Beach background, to offer your cats a completely lazy vacation.

You can’t sit still? No problem: we can also take you on a cruise through the Polynesian islands. Just imagine the dolphins leaping from the water right next to your liner…
How will your cats like that? Find out by offering them the Cruise Ship background.

As always, you can display each of these 3 magnificent landscapes not only on one of your cats' pages–using the landscape of Venus -, but also on the page of one of your breedings–using the landscape of Apollo -, and even on your personal breeder page–using the landscape of Athena

Garlands of flowers, traditional dancers, tiki masks, turtles and ukuleles await you in the shop to get you in the right mood for your paradise vacation. As soon as you touch down, you can grab a surf board and make the most of the transparent waters or settle into a deck chair and sip a coconut cocktail under the shade of a parasol

Finally, as vacations are also the opportunity to bring home some gifts and other souvenirs, we have hidden some of the Polynesian items that have just appeared in the shop at the bottom of the pages of Shinycatz. As soon as you see one, click on it and you will get a surprise. 

So, are you ready to take off for an earthly paradise with all your favorite cats? 

Landscape of Venus
Offer the landscape of Venus bonus to a cat

Landscape of Athena
Get the landscape of Athena bonus for your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Get the landscape of Apollo bonus for one of your breedings

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