We are celebrating Japan on Shinycatz in June!

We are celebrating Japan on Shinycatz in June!

Hello everyone,

We took a trip to India in January 2014, and then to China in October… We have booked another flight to Asia in June, and this time we are heading to Japan!

We touch down in the Land of the Rising Sun with its islands. In fact, did you know that the country is made up of more than 6,800 of them?
We wish you a pleasant trip, from the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo to the eternal snow that tops Mount Fuji, from the tropical islands of Ogasawara to the temples of Nikko.

Japan, is of course the land of the cherry blossom, the manga, and the most innovative technology, but it is also a country with deeply rooted ancestral traditions, and the historical heritage that goes with them.

For the occasion, we are offering you a new and exceptional background, that of the Great Buddha of Kamakura.
Let’s play it zenin the shadow of Amitabha, a bronze statue that stands almost 14 feet tall that was founded in the 12th century! You can feature this new background on one of your cats' pages using the landscape of Venus, on one of your breedings' pages using the landscape of Apollo, or even on your breeder page using the landscape of Athena.

But that’s not all! Exceptionally, this month you will find a second exclusive background, and it’s not just any background: the Golden Pavilion of Kyoto, that is nothing less that the imperial Deer Garden Temple or Kinkaju-Ji.

Furthermore, as always, exceptional and exclusive items are part of the trip and you will find them waiting for you already in the shop.

Feel like a snack? Here is what the chef has put on the menu (amongst other things): a plate of makizushi, makizushi with salmon roe, salmon makizushi, tuna makizushi, shrimp sushi, salmon sushi, tuna sushi, miso soup… 

And you can also get in touch with Japanese culture with origami cranes, bonsai trees, a cherry tree, a 4-storey pagoda, a maneki-neko, a koi carp, etc.
Not forgetting, as always, a dozen items in the colors of the country.

Are you inspired by this extraordinary month of Japan? Don’t forget to post the URL of your favorite designs in the comments!

Finally, the icing on the mochi is that, like every month, we have hidden some of the new items that have appeared in the shop at the bottom of some of the Shinycatz pages. Click on one as soon as you see it, and you will win a small prize.


Landscape of Venus
Change the panoramic background of one of your cats

Landscape of Athena
Display a panoramic background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display a panoramic background on one of your breedings' page

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