Mexico is in the limelight in January on Shinycatz!

Mexico is in the limelight in January on Shinycatz!

Hello all,

After a short break at the end of 2014, we are back to celebrating countries on Shinycatz and all of the games by Dreamzer Games.  

So, after India, Russia, the United States, Peru, Italy, Brazil, France, Argentina, Egypt and China in 2014, which countries will we be celebrating in 2015? Suspense... 

In any case, for January the country that has been chosen is Mexico.
This country holds a pivotal position at the crossroads between North America and Latin America. It has a huge historic and cultural heritage, left behind by the Toltecs, the Zapotecs, the Mayans and the Aztecs. 

In fact, we are inviting to set your cats against a backdrop of one of the most famous archaeological sites in the country, if not the world, using the exclusive background that we are offering you for that purpose: Teotihuacan in the Valley of Mexico, around forty kilometers from the capital.

As always, you can feature this splendid panoramic background on your cats' pages using the landscape of Venus, on one of your cats' page using the landscape of Apollo, or even on your breeder page using the landscape of Athena!

And so that you don’t fall out of your good habits, starting today we are also offering you dozens of new items that are reminiscent of Mexico: Aztec masks, sombreros and ponchos, as well as delicious tacos and burritos and equally delicious cocktails, to be consumed in moderation of course. 

Not forgetting, as always, a series of items in this country’s colors that will turn your cat into a perfect little Mexican: hat, caps, flags, a pennant, a feeding dish...

Finally, to get 2015 off to a great start, we have hidden several of these new items at the bottom of the Shinycatz pages: as soon as you see one, click on it and it will earn you a gift. There’s a rumor that you could even win some of these new items this way, but shhh!

Happy playing, everyone, and don’t forget to post your scenes that use the Teotihuacan background and/or the new items in the comments! 

Landscape of Venus
Offer the Mexico background to a cat

Landscape of Athena
Display the Mexico background on your breeder page

Landscape of Apollo
Display the Mexico background on one of your breedings

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