Shinycat fan

The first time the shinycat fan came across a shinycat they went gaga straight away! The fans often approach the castle railings to try to catch a glimpse of the shinycatz'!

How many Shinycat fans are needed in your flavia's castle's workforce?
The shinycat fans have a very important support role in the flavia's castle.

Keep a ratio of one shinycat fan for 10 shinycatz', to give your castle a better ranking. This means even more people to offer their undying love to your shinycatz'!
Shinycat fan

The shinycat fans of the game

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Castles including shinycat fans

Shadowclan Nibimbi 1

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shinycat fan job offer

  =)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)will you work hard   
  I am looking for a job as a shinycat fan.   
  I have the first 3 certificates so if you need one of them then let me know Want a job then ask me I'll try find you a place/job =D:shades_smile::gasp::heart::cool::love::D:star:;)   
  if Emerald hasn't died by tomorrow, i could offer you a job then, maybe.   
  I need a job of first three profession. If you have one, please contact me. I need enough pay to cure my cat. Thank you, dyicai