Shinycat fan

The first time the shinycat fan came across a shinycat they went gaga straight away! The fans often approach the castle railings to try to catch a glimpse of the shinycatz'!

How many Shinycat fans are needed in your flavia's castle's workforce?
The shinycat fans have a very important support role in the flavia's castle.

Keep a ratio of one shinycat fan for 10 shinycatz', to give your castle a better ranking. This means even more people to offer their undying love to your shinycatz'!
Shinycat fan

The shinycat fans of the game

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  I need a job. BADLY. I'm running out of shinyz and if i do my cats will be unhappy. So does anyone need a Shinycat fan for their castle? If not, I'll just have to try and be a shinycat fan in my castle and not get any shinyz and maybe have unhappy ca... 
  What is the shinycatz favorite activity when you take them to the streets? Trying to catch mice do you think the fear of peureux the chartreux is beneficial to the group? Yes Who is the creature all the shinycatz love? Its bella the angora!... 
  Hello! I'm still new, but I'd like to buy some (preferably) cheap cats. Age, gender, breed ect. don't really matter. Please reply if you are selling one! :) 
  This thread lets you say what you think about the Make your shinycat a football star or the perfect fan! news. 
  I would like a job as a shiny cat fan,if you have a job opening for one give me a shout:} 

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shinycat fan job offer

  I really really REALLY NEED A JOB! I have 0 shinyz and my shinycat is dead. It's so sad. If you know of a flavia's castle with an offer for any job, PLEASE send me a PM and let me know! :'(